Thursday, 27 October 2011

Haul from the summer: theBalm! (pictures!)

I don't know why it's taken this long but here's a haul I got during late july when SaSa was having 20% off on a bulk of the brands in store. I had been eyeing theBalm products for the longest time and let loose on getting a bunch of things.

For those who don't know, SaSa is sort of like a beauty/skin care shop that carries premium brands of things that can't be found at normal drugstores. 

I love how the prices for theBalm products are pretty much exchange rate prices unlike all other drugstore brands in singapore. Anyway I took the opportunity, begged my mom for about 5 seconds and with the go ahead got a nice lot of things and chose something for mom at the same time.

Goodies! Samples and free make over tickets that I never got to use!

Dying to try this!

At $40 the 60ml seemed very reasonable....

One for mom and one for me.....

Shady lady eyeshadows!! *drool*....A nice 2.5g of product

Been loving both of them!!! Love the packaging, love the quality!

Smells like tea tree oil, very pigmented, a tad bit oily!

Second shade....a nice neutral light flesh tone...

Repurchase! Absolutely love red earth products!

Turns white on how it doubles as a mirror...

Even, powerful stain! Just brilliant stuff...

For loose power on the go...

Nice thick fat sponge for blending ...

My first kabuki! It's been so perfect and I need more!

Animal print top!

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  1. OMG, when did they start selling theBalm at SASA :O I feel so cheated....Great haul! x

  2. @Bex

    Haha, thanks becky! Just a short while ago, maybe last year I think! They have almost everything from theBalm, it's awesome!


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